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Organizational Diagnostic: The Vital Role of Assessment

The foundation of our work is starting with an objective assessment so that all of us, working together, can make informed decisions that lead to better results. We use advanced diagnostic methods to identify key issues that may not be visible on the surface. And even if the issues are visible, the internal dynamics causing them may not be.

In many cases, we conduct confidential staff interviews and/or focus groups to help our clients understand these internal dynamics and achieve greater clarity about what the real issues are. All of this happens with a keen appreciation for the unique context and culture of your organization, including your history, values, operating environment and business objectives.

Using this assessment data, we then work with you to craft a solution to your challenges that is based in fact, not speculation. Clients find that our diagnostic tools are efficient, cost effective, user-friendly and bottom-line oriented: Value promised – value delivered.



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