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Team Effectiveness & Retention

High performing teams are built on a foundation of trust and then architected for alignment of purpose and synergy of effort.


“Individual commitment to a group effort, that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

- Vince Lombardi

Every team, no matter how big or small, is made up of individual members. At first glance, this fact is self-evident. Unfortunately, it often gets lost in the daily shuffle of deadlines and priorities. Managers sometimes forget to ask these underlying yet essential questions:

  • Is the team more than just a list of names on paper?
  • Is each member committed to the team or are most of them simply “along for the ride?”
  • Do they work together or do they work separately with only a veneer of team interaction?
  • Are they focused on the team’s success or on their own (individual) priorities?

The term we use to describe a team’s underlying quality is “alignment.” Each team member brings a unique set of skills, experience, expertise and emotions to the mix. These individual qualities may be aligned for team success, or they may be pointing in multiple different directions limiting the team’s full potential. Alignment is the key to improving performance.

Our objective is to help align those qualities in a precise and results-oriented way that is appropriate for your organization’s unique culture. Working in close partnership with your leaders and team members, we achieve this objective in three overall steps:

First, we use time-tested diagnostic tools to identify and measure individual strengths, weaknesses, expectations, attitudes, developmental needs and “hot button” issues.
(Click here to read more about organizational diagnosis).

Next, we look at each individual diagnostic report within the context of the overall team. We look for patterns and common issues that may be hindering team commitment and performance, a technique sometimes called “vector / valence” analysis.

Lastly, we identify and recommend specific “intervention points” – group and individual actions that can help unleash the power of your team. Each group and each organization is different, of course, so we carefully customize these intervention points to fit your situation and culture. This isn’t a “top-down” set of orders from on high, but rather a group effort that is designed to achieve true commitment from individual team members and a strong sense of collective ownership for overall team success.

Typical intervention points start with:

  • Benchmarking where you are as a team today
  • Affirming your need to be a team
  • Determining what is blocking the team from forming
  • Stopping team deterioration, if it’s happening

They continue with:

  • Initiating a climate conducive for team formation
  • Establishing a vision and passion for the team, including specific goals for coming months and years
  • Agreeing on practical roles and rules for working together well
  • Creating and launching a process for continuous team development

These intervention points benefit not only the team, but also each individual within the team. People are much more likely to express true commitment if they understand their own role, purpose and function within the larger group.

The pay-off for your organization can be dramatic and long-lasting in terms of staff retention, deadlines, reduced costs, improved work quality, faster problem-solving, better morale, reduced burnout, expanded knowledge sharing and overall profitability.

You’ve invested heavily in your people. Isn’t it time for you to reap greater rewards from that investment?

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