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Assessments For New Hires & Promotions

Hiring good employees is expensive. Firing someone a few months later because they were a “poor fit” for the organization is even more so.


According to a report from the Human Capital Institute, the average cost per hire for all U.S. companies was just under $3,500. For key technical and leadership positions, that figure is often five times greater. Total outlays for “talent acquisition” in 2010 reached almost $120 billion – just in the U.S.

Many HR departments are flooded with resumes each month, yet finding the right talent with the right combination of hard and soft skills can be extremely difficult.

D.A.W. Organization Consulting Solutions, LLC can help. With our partners from Bartell & Bartell, Ltd. we are able to offer you a full menu of specialized services for pre-hire and pre-promotion assessments. Coupled with individual consulting by Dr. Wahlstrom, these services can help you make the best choices possible – saving you time, money and frustration along the way.

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