About Us


Darryl A. Wahlstrom, Ph.D., is an expert and leader in organizational performance (Qualifications & Experience). Over the last 20 years, he has worked with a wide variety of workplace teams and leaders to help them identify and overcome critical roadblocks to improved performance (Are These Problems Familiar to You?).

Your investment in people is one of the most valuable assets you have: More valuable than technology. More important than what you sell. More essential than buildings and equipment. At D.A.W. Organization Consulting Solutions, LLC we specialize in one thing: Helping you make the most of your human capital – your people.

Using a new generation of diagnostic and problem-solving tools, we can help your leaders become more effective. We can help your teams work together in a far more effective way. We can help you retain key employees and improve results in a lasting, sustainable way.

Dr. Darryl Wahlstrom has spent a lifetime finding new ways to enhance organizational performance (Qualifications & Experience). To find out how we do this, and what it can mean to your unique organization, please click here now.


“Darryl is a true trusted advisor who works diligently to bring about sustainable changes in organizations like ours. The wide variety of solutions that he provides are always just what leaders like me need to bring out the best in their people.”

Kevin Munson, Chief Learning Officer for a Major National Retailer

“Darryl supported my leadership team in its journey from a loose collection of individual contributors to a team focused on a single mission. He listened to ensure all factions were heard and understood, and then helped bridge the communication gaps between team members. Darryl quickly adapts his style and approach to the specific needs of each team. I would recommend Darryl to any leader who wants to move their team to the next level.”

Chris Smith, Head of Quality Operations for a Multi-National Pharmaceutical Company

“When I was asked to lead Global Engineering at our company, it was clear to me that we needed to make dramatic changes in our culture and leadership. Darryl designed a process that included tools which measured us in several dimensions and gave us insights on where to focus, such as chartering, conflict management and new leader orientation.”

Chaz Calitri, Vice President of Global Engineering for a Fortune 500 Company